Friday, April 1, 2011


Well hello everyone, happy April.

Spring is here and it is a time of renewal for everything. A lesson was learned over these last few months by myself and many others. There are losses, our bodies wear out, our thoughts come more slowly. But our life cycles are our most creative effort. We can't never not be in them, right?
The struggle is to try and obtain a sense of participation in your life the whole way through. We must treasure old age, but not wallow in nostalgia. Appreciate the joy of attachment without possessiveness. Just thoughts I wanted to share with all of you.

Now down to business at the shop!!

Tomorrow is Saturday Sampler's 4th installment of 2011. Wow! We are a third of the way there. Good for you.

Also there are so many things to look at when you come in. I will try and post the pictures later today. New camera New adventure...yippee.

BOM's starting up. Get signed up for there are limited spaces.

See you soon,

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