Saturday, February 5, 2011


Goodmorning everyone,
This is just a reminder that the house class scheduled for Sat. Feb 5th at 10am is cancelled. We are being cautious with the weather prediction. The store is open for regular hours both Saturday and Sunday. The beginner machine quilting class with Linda Denner has been postponed also, but I believe it is to be scheduled for Sunday the 6th. Please call the store to confirm.
There is an error also in the directions for the Saturday Sampler cobblestone block.
Please call the store to get the corrected information.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Groundhog Day....Spring just around the corner

Ok!! I will buy into that one. Spring is only 47 days away, so literally it is right around the corner. With so much beautiful winter weather gracing our homes and yards and the trees dripping with crystal chandeliers who could possibly be in a hurry for spring? All this weather has slowed us all down. Mayhaps we should take the opportunity to do just that and nestle down into our sewing rooms and sew, sew and sew somemore. What feeling of accomplishment we will have if we don't let the winter weather consume our every thought. If you're a snow bunny then this is your year...enjoy...I wish you all the fun you can find. If you are yearning for spring, change your screensaver, buy a daffodil at the grocers, bring in some branches from the early spring flowering trees and force their buds, or pick out your prettiest spring fabrics and grab your simpliest quilt pattern and go to work. In no time you will be singing and happy and so pleased with how winter has given you this slow down time and captured you in your homes. Then just look at the beautiful quilt you started and are almost finished piecing or appliqueing. Be happy, don't worry, Mother Nature may teach us harsh lessons, but she always comes through with a change for the better. Be blessed, be safe and be happy for the next 47 days...or maybe more.
The shop is on winter alert so please check before venturing out to make sure we are open. We will try our hardest to be there, but we will be careful too. If you are scheduled for classes this week please call the shop and if you cannot reach me at the shop, you can call 956-1677, it's my cell. With the storms approaching and unpredictable, we may postpone the Saturday Sampler block classes on Thursday and Saturday.
Thank you and first