Monday, November 29, 2010

Crossing the Finish Line

Goodevening friends,
Well, we finally did it!! Saturday Sampler 2010 is hanging and all the finishing kits are done and packaged and waiting for Thursday and Saturday to be distributed to their owners. If you purchased a finishing kit with accent fabric, the final cost to you is $25.00 plus tax. For those who purchased the finishing kit without accent fabric, your cost is $7.50 plus tax. For all of you who participated in the year long program, there is a finishing pattern for each of you. Also, all black and white fabric, black fabric, scrap kits, and extra block kits, and even some finished blocks that we didn't use that are left over will be for sale starting Thursday. There is plenty left so if you want to increase the size of your quilt, hurry in to pick up some of these goodies. The quilt finished at 64" X 84". It is a striking piece and sure to please anyone for whom you make it. Doors open at
10am on Thursday til 8pm and Saturday we open at 9am.

See you then,

Sunday, November 28, 2010


This very night, while you lie quietly in your bed, open your eyes. Now, look out your window! For even at this yawning hour, so many of your friends are working to keep the world magical.
Yes they are the ones who make new stars and put them up. The ones who light and keep stars burning.
The ones who keep the moon company, feeding him when he's too thin and watching his diet when he's too full.
The ones who keep the sky and the horizon tightly fastened to each other. The ones who make sure that the night is kept buttoned-up against the cold.
And do you know what else is happening? Yes, even now some of your friends are busy making sure that all is ready for morning...
They are the ones weaving the meadows and telling trees where to stand. The ones putting fruit back on the branches. The ones painting feathers on birds and designs on the wings of butterflies.
The ones practicing the great rainbow balancing act.
The ones collecting yesterdays' raindrops, mending old clouds, and delivering newly stuffed ones.
And yes, all day tomorrow your friends will be at work (behind the scenes, of course)...
They are the ones who will raise the sun into place.
The ones who will load up the night and bring it back to storage.
The ones who will give the wind directions, fly the clouds, and tell the rain where to fall.
The ones who will make changes in the weather and decide the season.
The ones who will make sure that the sun gets down safely.
Now, while you sleep tonight...
imagine what you most would like to do to help keep the world magical?
For you know that one of these nights your friends are going to tap on your window and invite you to become one of the
Caretakers of Wonder.
As this season of hope and wonder begin, let us take steps to insure that magic and imagination grow stronger in everyone. Let us become a Caretaker of Wonder. It's a journey you will keep with you all your lives. You have the opportunity to pass it on and watch it continue growing stronger in each child that blesses your life.

I would love to take credit for all these words, but the magic was passed to me through the book "Caretakers of Wonder" by Cooper Edens. It is still available along with other books of his that embrace the "magic" that we mustn't lose. Children will always be magic and have magic. We as adults must never forget the lessons of "magic"...the lessons of love for everyone and everything.
Remember...the child is in us "still" and sometimes not so "still".

At the shop:

This is the beginning of the "official" Christmas season and we are celebrating at the shop with a new promotional sale on selected kits. All selected kits will be 40% off regular prices starting December 1st through December 14th. There are a lot of kits available that will make up fast for holiday gifts or just give a kit to a quilter you know...they will love that.
Also this week ends our 2010 Saturday Sampler quilt project "Dancing with the Stars".
It has been a great success and we want to thank all of you for your participation.
All extra fabrics on bolts and scrap bags,$5 each, and extra blocks, $5 each, will be available to the public on Thursday, December 2nd. No reservations will be taken for these products. It is strictly a "first come, first serve" policy.
Signing up for next year's Saturday Sampler Project will start on Thursday, Dec. 2nd.

We do have holiday related kits and fabrics that are new to the store and ready to be scooped up by you.

See you at the shop,

With needle and thread,

Friday, November 26, 2010


Good morning friends,
Well here we are again in the sweep of the seasons. Traditional giving started last week with the celebration of Thanksgiving and now we are gathering again to celebrate the beautiful seasons of love and life being renewed. Some will rush to the last minute to get that very special gift for someone. Some will share their homes for the holidays. Some will travel far and some will snuggle down to the warmth of family gathered around. Some will have nothing and some do not even know what a holiday season is. Some will be far away defending a world foreign to them and to you and me, but part of our lives nonetheless. Let's take a moment and think about what the holidays mean to each one of us. I think many of us will be surprised with our own answers. So love the holidays in your own special way and let us all make an effort to spread that happiness with just one person we don't know, or do know that will find a celebration this year because of you.

We celebrate here at the Flying Geese each and everyday. We love our customers and are always excited to share with them what is going on at the shop.

Pat will be in the shop all weekend long. She has graciously and generously given the rest of the staff the weekend off. Thank you Pat. She will have a guest elf helper on Saturday...someone you will not Santa...better.

Remember we are open on Sunday every week and welcome weekend shoppers with open doors.

Something we wanted to mention: Do you need a space to work on your project for a couple of hours, but can't find it. Call us we have empty tables for your use. Stop or call to see if the tables are being used and if they are open you can reserve them for a minimum fee. Sometimes we just need that outside of home place to go and get things done. Let us help you. I have to tell you all, I tried to sew at home this week and it did not happen, so I am going in to the shop on Sunday myself to sew. Come on down and join me. There is room for about 5-7 people.

Have a wonderful day everyone. May peace wrap gently around you this season and let love grow in all our hearts.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Little Quilts Club

Our sold out Little Quilts Club is off to a flying start! The October meeting saw seven eager quilters ready to get to work making a little square in a square quilt! Fun and friendship were the buzz words for the evening. Last week we held our second meeting,and the project was a bit harder- lots of little pieces, but our group worked hard and many tops were just about finished by the end of the evening! Good work, ladies. We did miss several members who had conflicts that evening. Hopefully we'll all be together again come January. Enjoy the following photos, I know our gals are looking forward to being blog stars!
Wishing all our customers a very Happy Thanksgiving.....

The girls hard at work, sewing, pressing, designing!

Mary Ellen's project in progress

this one belongs to Anne

Showing off last month's project (from left to right): Susan, Anne, Mary Ellen, Ellen and Marlene (kneeling). Missing from photo: Lori, Noel, Priscilla and Jennette

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A New Week at the Flying Geese

Goodevening everyone,
Today ended the Shop Hop Bag sale and I hope you all enjoyed the shopping and the savings. Well, you can continue to save starting tomorrow with our Fat Quarter Bundles Sale. Buy a bundle and get the second one for half price. Not a bad deal at all.
Christmas is coming and we have just received 15 bolts of Stoff's beautiful holiday fabrics. If you like metallics, you'll love this collection. Do you remember Pat's beautiful snowy white Christmas quilt from last year? Frosted Memories? The one that had the small 3" panel squares scattered throughout the frosted white companion prints? Well our new collection will allow you to make a different take on this same pattern. Beautiful and traditional in appearance last year's gives way to a elegant European flavor of the holidays this year. You must stop in and see for yourselves. This collection won't last long...and when it's's gone.

Classes for the Fall session are coming to a close in the next few weeks, but we still have a few opening left in the classes coming up.

Linda Denner's Beyond Beginner's Machine Quilting has a few openings for her Dec.4th class. You all know Linda's classes fill fast and there is always a waiting list, so if you have thought about reaching beyond beginners, now is the time. Give yourself that little extra holiday spirit and put a bit of "dazzle" in your holiday gift quilts.

Linda Bennett's Storm At Sea has a second date added for Dec. 12th. This class has 2 opening left. It's a big hit and won't be back around for a while, so if you liked the sample and you like Linda's teaching, call and sign up tomorrow...better yet stop and and take a peek at the class. Linda will be teaching this class tomorrow too.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

OOPS!! Saturday Sampler Goof in November

Hi everybody,
Well it was a great Saturday at the shop and thank you all for stopping by for Saturday Sampler and the Shop Hop Bag Sale. The sale will continue through next Saturday.
There is a error in fabric contents in some of the SS kits.
You should have (4) approximately 3 1/2" x 13" black and white strips. Some of the kits only have one. If you have one of these kits, please come in and pick up your extra three strips any time. Sorry, for the error. I hope you weren't too inconvenienced by my mistake.
Kathy is aware of the problem and will take care of you on Monday. I will be in the shop on Sunday and you can stop by tomorrow if you want too.

New things at the shop:

We a have great selection of charms packs and layer cakes that just arrive this past week along with many new patterns and new books. They are just waiting for you to pick them up and take them home.

Again, thanks for understanding my error and have a safe and happy week.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hello again!!

Hi Everybody,
Sorry for the lapse in blogging. My computer crashed and I am literally on borrowed time! So before the computer police find me sneaking on their computer, haha, let me update you with a few things from the shop.
Classes coming up this week of Nov.1 thru the 14th.

Friday, Nov. 5 we have our Garden Skirt class at two different times. 10 to 1 or 6 to 9 in the evening. The cost is $35.00 and Mardi will teach the classes.

Saturday, Nov. 6 is Saturday Sampler at 9am.

Thursday, Nov. 11 Cheryl's Raw Edge Applique Poinsettia class at 6:30 to 9:30pm. The cost is $35.00 and kits are available.

Friday, Nov. 12th The Sophia Tote/cinch bag will be an all day class from 10 to 4. The cost is $50.00 and kits are still available. Mardi will teach this class. Go home with a completed project.

Sales at the Shop in NOVEMBER:

From Nov. 1st to Nov. 5th all books will be 30% off.
From Nov. 6th to Nov. 13th is the Shop Hop Bag Sale
From Nov. 14th to Nov. 30 our fat quarter bundle sale will be offered.

See you at the shop and hope to be back blogging by the weekend.